Prices and Services

Consultation - Free!

Let's get to know each other better! Consultation is a no commitment meeting to talk about your business goals and ask questions about the business. Wear your pjs or your work clothes, as long as you're comfortable, and let's have a chat! 

Videography - Starting at $50

Instagram reels or just a timeline post... don't stress. Let's film to your needs for an attractive and interesting video to catch the eye of someone who just doesn't want to read when they are on social media!

Beginners Meeting - Starting at $250

Feeling confident with the consultation and wish to move forward? Let's get started! We will take some real action towards your accounts and plan posting. Flat fee of $100 is required at the end of the meeting.

Editing - Starting at $30

Whether it's photography or videography, cutting and colour correcting makes your content.

Prices differ for photography and videography based on videography goals. (filtering vs. arrangement)

Photography - Starting at $50

Is your social media lacking in content? Product and business photography for your social media to give you content that looks professional and unique to your business.

Livestream Film Management - Starting at $50

Create a well lit, well monitored, well filmed livestream for your followers. Have someone behind the camera to catch all angles, keep up with comments and questions, and a professional crisp screening!